I don't believe in demons

but I believe in people who believe in demons!

Hi Internet,

This email is about a piece of art I commissioned recently that I really love. If you can, hire a local artist to make you something. If you can’t find a local artist, hire a non-local artist. Or heck, hire the artist I’m about to tell you about.

Tonight, we will pass the point where there is less of 2020 remaining than we’ve already spent in quar. Congrats! But man, what a January we had. It was really something, wasn’t it? Or was it? I can’t remember anything anymore.

There is a guy here in Austin who calls himself The Dollar Demon. His gig is, you send him a picture on Instagram, he will draw you as a demon. It is not expensive and he does a great job. For example, he drew this picture of me and he captured my horns perfectly, just like they look in real life.

While I don’t believe in demons per se, there is undeniably some monstrous behavior going down in the world right now. Kids in cages, violent masked cops, Republican governors choosing profit and personal property over the literal lives of the people they charged with protecting - I mean, there was a point this summer where the Texas GOP was planning on having their party convention in Houston during a massive spike in cases. None of the leadership would attend in person, however they still wanted to cram a convention center filled with their covid-denying, mask protesting party officials. THAT IS SOME SICK, SICK SHIT.

Governor Abbott of Texas, Governor DeSantis of Florida, and Governor Kemp of Georgia in particular seem to relish every opportunity they have to cause pain and suffering to people who live in their states. So many people are sick and dying in these places, it started to seem to me like they are in some sort of twisted demonic contest. Who can kill the most old people? Who can get the most kids sick? Who can most callously send their most fervent followers to their deaths? I started joking that they were all vying for the same governorship in hell.


I reached out to The Dollar Demon with an idea: Would he be willing to accept a commission to draw these three monstrous jackals in their true demonic forms?

The results are below. Brace yourself.

The pointy teeth. The gnarled horns. The flames of hell licking their crusty wrinkles!

I love it.

Thank you for reading. I’ll see you in hell, I guess!

More soon.