Tim and Ben's Nerdpocalypse

A very nerdy new podcast

Whenever my best friend Tim and I would have sleepovers as kids, we would make an audio tape together. Huddled in someone’s basement around a tape deck from the ‘80s, we would record silly skits and rambling stories and the sound of us laughing and burping and being 13.

Oh, how I wish I still had those tapes! But alas, I do not. In true pre-digital fashion, those tapes probably got recorded over with songs from the radio and eventually lost to history.

Well, Tim and I are back at it 30 years later - now 43 years old, but still children at heart. I somehow convinced Tim to cohost a weekly podcast with me where each episode, we sip craft beers while discussing our various nerdy hobbies and obsessions like Conan the Barbarian comic books, Pokémon cards, and the multi-media output of Keanu Reeves. It sounds nerdy, and it is! But it is also heartwarming and more drama-filled than you would expect to hear two grown men talk about going to Target multiple times a week.

In the last month, we’ve recorded FOUR complete episodes of the podcast, along with a SECRET BONUS EPISODE ZERO that has not yet been released. If you have somehow avoided finding out about this podcast by steadfastly ignoring everything I post on ever other social channel, now is really the best opportunity you have to jump on the bandwagon and become a lifelong fan and subscriber to…

Episode One: Nerdpocalypse - Our first official episode, with tales Conan the Barbarian and Pokémon cards

Episode Two: Optimus Prime is Jesus - How do you keep a rare Pokémon cookie in a good enough state to sell on eBay? Also, old cartoons like Silverhawks and Thundarr the Barbarian.

Episode Three: The Pokémon Court of Law - Can Tim sue Mark Zuckerberg for blocking access to Pokémon go? Also, a live unboxing of a Pikachu “play mat” that causes two adult men to moan in ecstasy.

Episode Four: Do Not Approach the Unicorn - The hunt for 25th anniversary Pokémon cards has the guys pounding the pavement and fighting scalpers in the aisles. Also, the universal truth of asking out that cute barista.

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