A very nerdy new podcast
Do Not Approach the Unicorn: Episode 4Listen now (79 min) | THE HUNT IS ON. Ben and Tim are on the trail of the elusive yet pre-orderable-in-bulk Pokémon Celebrations cards. The guys fight …
The Pokémon Court of Law: Episode 3Listen now (68 min) | What kind of anachronisms are acceptable at Ren Fair?
Optimus Prime is Jesus: Episode 2Listen now (61 min) | Sort of a Beer Drinking Podcast
Tim and Ben's Podcast Nerdpocalypse: Episode 1Listen now (54 min) | It’s the official first episode of a new podcast! Join Tim and Ben on a journey through the nerdpocalypse where we’ll be trading …
Benzine #0009, Digital Edition
I am the Web Master
A thing I drew to punish my kids
Issue #6 Digital Edition
but I believe in people who believe in demons!
Another one mostly about cleverly folding paper in half
I make things with paper and glue.